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About Deeplogixs

Deeplogixs help you with your ideas, refine them with you, and guide you with your business at every stage. We target your customers that is why we make the most effective strategies for you. Our team of customers brings you the best designs, makes the most top-notch websites, and launches your products in the most perfect way. Our company is expanded worldwide as our company is a combination of three teams working from different continents. We thrive to bring you the best programs that help you step into the future. We have a team of developers that are aware of any current trends and ever ready to customize your next software, application, and website.

Research Based Strategies

At Xpertcom all the work we do for our client is research based. We put all this effort into coming up with the best strategies for your business. A wide analysis to increase shopper sales revenue.

Value driven working

Expertcom knows the worth of your hard earn money that is why we are giving you value for money. All the services we provide are defined. All this with a transparent pricing system

Report Based work

We provide you a work report on a monthly basis which will give you insights on work and progress.

Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Expertcom provide the best Virtual assistance service that stands out. Our secret is team work when you hire our expertise, a team of experts handle your brand or drop shipping business.

From Our Clients

Deelogixs have been providing a world class experience to its clients since 2017. Our Client satisfaction rate is around 93% when it comes to Amazon, Shopify and Walmart. While 95% for Etsy. When it comes to dropshipping nearly a dozen customers are satisfied every month.

Each week I had stress coming as my E-teaching application was crashing. I was so worried until Deeplogixs helped me make a stronger and more resilient teaching portal. The software they made for this application was both easy and comprehensive. That’s why the application gives a professional look.

Faye Woodhouse

My business was doing pretty nasty and I couldn’t sell anything, my friend got me connected with Deeplogixs. I got a free plan and meeting with the Web team and boom my issue got resolved in no time. Seems like my website wasn’t in a good format. They did their charm and now I’m stress-free.

Alessia Gnutti

My visibility on the internet is now the fourth time in comparison to what it used to be. I have never seen such consistent growth. These people helped me get more customers and now my business is making a fortune just because I rest my social media handle on them.

Gemma Howell

These people helped me in doing my SEO. It wasn’t a standard SEO which is why I was having issues with my earlier company. But they understood my needs and did the best SEO that works internationally. My business generates more traffic now. I would definitely recommend them.

Morris Hawthorne

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