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Deeplogixs team is always available to assist your business for queries and audit on your merchant contact us now. For creation of brand to upscaling of your businesses we help you on every step. We are available 24/7 available for you to assist you in your E-commerce bussiness. For further inquiries mail us at anees.mahmood@deeplogixs.org


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Common Questions

Why Should I work with Deeplogixs for my business?

Deeplogixs has the best customer satisfaction ratio out there. We don’t hide anything from you and all pricing is made clear before start of the project and everything comes under a legal framework.

Are there any security risks involved ?

No, not at all. Everything you share with us remains confidential between you and us. We work on the principle of End to End encryption.

Are there any legal settings I have to get done before working with you?

Yes, we do a legal contract before starting work so that both of us know we on the same page.

Which theme will you incorporate for my business or store ?

It depends on you. If you want something customised with your own ideas or something based on our suggestions.

Do you help already running businesses ?

Yes, we help already running businesses. You can avail our expertise from scratch or can ask for assistance on an already running business.

I am having a trouble understanding complicated things ? can i contact you by other means?

Yes you can, we want you to be free and comfortable on your choices and mod of communications

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